FLEET is grounded in collective approaches to finding new ways to create, activate, and connect arts, culture, and community spaces. Many hands have gone into making FLEET a reality, and ongoing contributions ensure we can deliver programming that is relevant and supportive to the communities and organizations we work with.


Would you like to support programming? You can donate funds towards either studio location at Edmonds or Granville Island. Your contribution will go directly towards paying artist fees, covering costs for workshop materials and other related programming costs.


Build a FLEET: FLEET has the potential to create critical space for arts and culture throughout the Lower Mainland and across BC. We are ambitious with this project and would like to see additional studios constructed to further support this mobile and creative studio operational model. If you passionately support the project and are interested in sponsoring the fabrication of a studio, please get in touch with Sunshine (sunshine@othersights.ca).

Sponsor construction: Contributions towards studio construction costs and materials help us expand the FLEET, and create more spaces for arts and culture. If you want to contribute something specific, such as flooring, siding, or sponsoring a trailer bed for a new studio, support of materials in kind, please contact Sunshine (sunshine@othersights.ca) with what you’d like to contribute. As a registered charity, Other Sights can issue tax receipts for donated materials.

Sponsor a residency: Each studio operates differently depending on the location and local community partnerships. If you are interested in supporting creative practice, you can sponsor an artist residency or a series of residencies at a specific FLEET studio. Reach out to Jay (jay@othersights.ca) to learn more about the artists we are working with in the coming year.


FLEET works with and alongside local communities to create space for arts and culture, and community involvement is vital to build engaging programming. Take a look at past and upcoming FLEET programs to see if there are conversations or projects you would like to be a part of. Volunteers help us deliver robust programming, and can also contribute vital skills towards FLEET project development, potential future siting, and fundraising to build additional studios in the FLEET.

If you’re interested in volunteering for events or programs, or bigger picture FLEET project development, please contact Jay (jay@othersights.ca) to share what you’d like to contribute, and what you’re hoping to learn or build through volunteering.